Updated May 23rd, 2024 at 13:48 IST

Shivangi Joshi Slams People For Misinterpreting Her Words Amid Dating Rumours With Kushal Tandon

Shivangi Joshi took to her Instagram account to pen a long, strongly worded note, against rumours going around in her name. Her fans have come out in support.

Shivangi Joshi | Image:Shivangi Joshi/Instagram

Shivangi Joshi has finally broken her silence on dating rumours with Kushal Tandon. The actress took to her Instagram account to share a strongly worded message against all those making up speculations. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame has alleged that attacks against her and her family have caused an ‘emotional turmoil’. 

Shivangi Joshi clears the air on dating reports 

On May 23, Shivangi Joshi took to her Instagram account to share a strong message directed towards media houses and social media users. The actress shared that something she said at a press event was misinterpreted and misconstrued. She also alleged that a voiceover was used over her voice to change the meaning of her words. While the reason behind her note is unknown, fans of the actress have been resharing it to show her support. 

A screengrab of Shivangi's post | Image: Instagram 


Taking to her Instagram account, Shivangi wrote, “I’m very disappointed by a group of people for misconstruing my words and misinterpreting them. Recently, at an event, I was asked a generic question about a lot of rumours going around, to which I said, ‘That’s what the rumours are for right? They come and go.’ Unfortunately, my response was tweaked with voiceover, and the outcome was a lot of uncalled-for remarks and statements causing emotional turmoil for my family and me.” The actress further requested people to give her privacy. 

Shivangi Joshi says everyone will know when ‘time is right’ 

Continuing the note, the actress asserted that the vicious attacks on social media are hurtful, not just for her, but for her family as well. She slammed people for bashing her family and wrote, “I’ve always kept my personal life private and refrained from talking about it in open forums. Hence, I request you to kindly respect my privacy. When the time is right, you will know. But taking advantage of someone’s generic statement and bashing them and their families is not at all human. I respect everyone, and I expect the same in return. Thank You.”

A file photo of Shivangi Joshi | Image: Instagram 

Shivangi’s note comes amid the actress’ dating rumours with Barsaatein co-star Kushal Tandon. Both the actors have repeatedly denied reports of being in a relationship but a recent post made by the actor on Shivangi’s birthday and photos of the them from Thailand fulled the rumours of their link-up. 


Published May 23rd, 2024 at 13:48 IST