Updated February 29th, 2024 at 13:13 IST

Naga Babu Apologises For His Controversial Remarks At Operation Valentine Event

Naga Babu made a controversial remark during the pre-release event of Operation Valentine that sparked rage among netizens. However, he has issued an apology.

Naga Babu and Varun Tej file photo | Image:Instagram

Naga Babu, Varun Tej's father, made a controversial remark during the pre-release event of Operation Valentine. The pre-release event was held on February 25 and the star cast of the film including Manushi Chhillar were in attendance. At the event, Naga Babu said that Varun Tej has been trying diverse roles since the beginning of his career. He further said that his son's height is perfect for someone playing an army or police officer. What sparked rage among netizens was his comment that even a 5.3 inch tall man will not good looking enough to play such roles.

Naga Babu apologises for his recent controversial comments

After the matter escalated and netizens began to slam Naga Babu for his body shaming comments, he shared an explanatory note apologising for his controversial remarks. He wrote, "In the recent pre-release event of Varun Babu's 'Operation Valentine', I said that it would be good if the police character was done by people who are 6 feet three inches, but it would not hurt if people were 5 feet three inches. I take those words back, I'M REALLY VERY SORRY for those words, they came randomly but not as WANTED words, I hope everyone will understand and forgive me.."

Naga Babu apologises for his recent remarks | Image: X


Naga Babu lauds Varun Tej

Naga Babu praised Varun Tej for trying out different genre roles. Naga Babu also said that even though his son fails, he would become a superstar. "I feel bad when my son’s attempts fail but I want to tell everyone that people who try again and again and never be afraid of failure will achieve something big in life," concluded Naga Babu. Meanwhile, Operation Valentine will release in theatres on February 16. 


Published February 29th, 2024 at 13:13 IST