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No dance sequence for Shruti Haasan in Salaar, SS Rajamouli voices disappointment

Filmmaker SS Rajamouli has recently revealed that he is a big fan of actress Shruti Haasan and is disappointed with Salaar's makers for not making her dance.

SS Rajamouli | Image:SS Rajamouli/Instagram

SS Rajamouli speaks his mind strongly without any apprehensions. When other filmmakers have gone past item dance numbers, Rajamouli wishes to go old school and make sure movies are high on entertainment. Recently while talking to Prashanth Neel, Prabhas, and Prithviraj, Rajamouli expressed his disappointment in Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire.

SS Rajamouli | Image: File

Rajamouli reveals he is a huge fan of Shruti Haasan’s dance

He continued, “One of the complaints that I have with Salaar is that… two songs I watch on my phone or TV are her party song from Race Gurram and Charusheela from Srimanthudu. I just love her dancing. Out in the corridor, you were saying that there are no duets in Salaar. You disappointed me (laughs). Jokes apart, people will be expecting something as the two are in the film.”

Shruti Haasan | Image: Instagram

Prashanth Neel replied to the same and said, “We initially thought of putting something like a mass number or a duet. But we got sucked into the drama of the film so much that we never used Shruti for glamour. She is very much a part of the story and plays a strong role. And I think the world has sort of changed.”


The Salaar director added, “People are more exposed to international content and they are accepting pure drama if it is done right. Though we have put a lot of money into it, we have decided to make the drama as the commercial aspect of the movie.”

Salaar Poster | Image: Instagram

SS Rajamouli shared that more than the world, he thinks people have changed

He shared, “The world has always been accepting of films without songs and other elements. We filmmakers were not confident enough and added other things to films. Now, you have become confident.” Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire releases on 22nd December 2023. This Telugu actioner might have double role of Prabhas.


Published December 20th, 2023 at 23:27 IST