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Prashanth Neel talks about KGF, Salaar visual similarities and his 'OCD with monochrome'

During a recent interview, Prashanth Neel spoke about his strong penchant for monochrome visuals in 'Salaar,' explaining its resemblance to KGF's palette.

Prabhas's revelation | Image:Prabhas's revelation I IMDb

Prabhas shared an intriguing revelation about director Prashanth Neel's meticulousness during the making of Salaar. Despite initial perceptions linking the film's visuals to the KGF universe, Prashanth clarified the reason behind their resemblance, attributing it to his obsession with monochrome.

In a candid chat with SS Rajamouli on Hombale Films' YouTube channel, Prashanth admitted to his "OCD with monochrome," realizing the striking similarity between KGF and Salaar post-sharing their trailers and teasers. He emphasized that this affinity for monochrome wasn't influenced by the Director of Photography or the art director; it was an intrinsic aspect of his creative vision.

Neel reveals why KGF, Salaar are visually similar I IMDb

Neel reveals why KGF, Salaar are visually similar

Explaining his preference for monochrome, Prashanth highlighted its role in conveying the gritty essence of his cinematic world. Acknowledging its limitations, he expressed his realization that clinging to a specific color palette might not be ideal. However, he confessed feeling compelled to maintain this visual consistency to express the inherent grit of his storytelling. Despite acknowledging the need to experiment with different colors, he admitted hesitancy, feeling that the current style was more suited to his world's narrative.

Prabhas discloses director Prashanth Neel's strong penchant for monochrome visuals in Salaar I IMDb

KGF-Salaar similarities

Prashanth Neel clarified that the visual resonance between KGF and Salaar was coincidental, refuting any deliberate connection between the two cinematic worlds. He iterated that the perceived similarities were a product of his personal inclination toward monochrome, rather than a deliberate narrative link between the films.


This conversation unveils Prashanth Neel's staunch commitment to his distinctive visual style, driven by his desire to authentically capture the gritty essence of his storytelling. While clarifying the visual similarities between his films, he revealed that these were not intentional connections but a reflection of his artistic inclination towards monochromatic aesthetics.


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