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Priyamani Admits To Working In Films Just For 'Good Money' Early On In Her Career

Priyamani recently discussed how her preferences have changed over signing a movie over time and what led her to make these decisions.

Priyamani | Image:Instagram

Before the OTT release of her recent movie BhamaKalapam 2, Priyamani reflected on her career and the choices she made early in her career. The actress plays an inquisitive housewife who can't seem to stay out of trouble in her latest release, talking about her role she said that while working on a movie like this isn't as "emotionally and physically demanding" as it was on her breakthrough picture Paruthiveeran (2007), it still presents its own set of difficulties. Priyamani discussed how her preferences have changed over signing a movie and what led her to make these decisions. 

Priyamani on doing films for money 

In a conversation with Film Companion, Priyamani was asked about any instances in her career where she had to choose roles or films even though they didn’t align with her belief system. To which the actress replied she has done some films just because they offered ‘good money’, “I have made some choices like that but I won’t make them anymore. It wasn’t a compulsion but I don’t know what came into me, I just said, ‘It’s just a movie, it is okay’. I might have thought, even if I don’t like it, the money is good. I’ll be very honest, I have done things like that early in my career. But I don't do it anymore.” 



Priyamani in BhamaKalapam 2

Priyamani returns as Anupama, a rather innocent-looking housewife, who is about to embark on a heist adventure. Though she promises her husband to follow a straight path, she unknowingly gets entangled in yet another dangerous web as she maneuvers her way out of it through the course of the film.

Poster of Bhamakalapam 2 


Besides Priyamani, the film also stars Seerat Kapoor, Sharanya, Raghu Mukharjee, and Brahmaji among others. Prashant R Vihari has composed the music for the film, with cinematography being helmed by Deepak Kumar. The film is being edited by Viplav. Produced by Dream Farmers, An association of Bapineedu & Sudheer Edara in collaboration with Aha Studios, Bhamakalapam 2 will be made available for streaming on Aha starting February 16.





Published February 16th, 2024 at 13:21 IST