Updated May 18th, 2024 at 12:47 IST

Chandrakanth Dies By Suicide Days After Co-star Pavitra Jayaram Gets Killed In A Road Accident

While the car accident killed Pavitra Jayaram on May 12, it severely injured Chandrakanth, Pavitra's cousin, and their driver.

Chandrakanth | Image:Chandrakanth/Instagram

Days after actor Chandrakanth and Pavithra Jayaram met with a road accident that claimed Pavitra's life, Chandrakanth too killed himself. The actor who got severely injured in the accident reportedly hung himself in the same residence where he lived with his Trinayani co-star Pavithra Jayaram.

What happened to Chandrakanth?

Chandrakanth alias Chandu, who was a television actor by profession, was found dead at his residence in Telangana's Alkapur. The actor shared an emotional post just three days ago with the caption, "Naannnaa... pls hey wait for just 2 days ra."


Two days later, on May 17, the actor was found dead at his residence.


Reportedly, in an interview, Chandrakanth revealed that they were planning to make their relationship public soon.

What happened to Pavithra Jayaram?

On May 12, a bus rammed into Pavithra's car. According to IANS, the car lost control and hit the divider. Later, the bus coming from Hyderabad to Vanaparthi collided with the right side of the car. Pavitra was seriously injured in the accident and died on the spot.

The accident occurred while returning to Hanakere in Mandya district of Karnataka. As per media reports, Pavithra’s cousin Apeksha, driver Srikanth and actor Chandrakanth were seriously injured in the incident.

The accident has shocked the entertainment industry. Further details on the case are awaited from the police.


Actor Sameeip Acharyaa mourned the actress’s demise as he took to social media to express his sorrow. He wrote, “Woke up to the news that you are no more. It's unbelievable. My first on-screen mother, you will always be the special one.”


Published May 18th, 2024 at 12:47 IST