Updated April 28th, 2024 at 21:06 IST

Vishwak Sen Starrer Gangs Of Godavari To Have A Sequel, Producer Naga Vamsi Confirms

Set in the Godavari region, Vishwak Sen plays a fisherman in this period drama directed by Krishna Chaitanya. The film is set in a realistic backdrop.

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Gangs of Godavari starring Vishwak Sen is one of the highly anticipated films of this year. The movie is all set to hit the big screens on May 17. Recently, during a media event, producer Naga Vamsi confirmed that a sequel to the film is underway.

Gangs of Godavari to have a second part

The upcoming film features Vishwak Sen portraying a notably aggressive character, evident from the compelling teaser. Set in the Godavari region, Vishwak Sen plays a fisherman in this period drama directed by Krishna Chaitanya, boasting a realistic backdrop centered around the fishing mafia. Director Krishna Chaitanya has already prepared a sequel contingent upon the success of the first installment. Notably, the film is elevated by the musical genius of Yuvan Shankar Raja.

With two chart-topping songs already released, Gangs of Godavari has garnered significant anticipation. Producer Naga Vamsi, known for his recent blockbuster Tillu Square, has invested heavily in the project, ensuring meticulous attention to detail throughout its production.

What was the controversy surrounding Gangs of Godavari?

At the time of Gangs of Godavari's postponement, Vishwak Sen had expressed his displeasure via an Instagram story update, in which he vowed to not promote the film if it stood delayed. Producer Naga Vamsi had to step in to diffuse the situation, having Sen take the post off. The producer additionally clarified how the film was unable to be cleared for release as they still had some songs and sequences left to be canned.  

Gangs of Godavari poster | Image: IMDb


Gangs of Godavari was initially slated to release in theatres on December 8. The film however, stood indefinitely delayed - a primary reason being the release of Nithiin's Extra Ordinary Man dated December 8 along side Nani and Mrunal Thakur's Hi Nanna, dated December 7. There were later some reports of the film releasing on March 8 in a clash with Gaami - also a Vishwak Sen film. The same however, was evidently not the case.


Published April 28th, 2024 at 21:06 IST