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The Legend of Hanuman: Sharad Kelkar opens up about voice acting challenges

Sharad Kelkar delves into the challenges of voice acting and teases the intense Hanuman-Raavan dynamic in The Legend of Hanuman Season 3.

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Sharad Kelkar who has over two decades of expertise in both cinema and television known for his captivating on-screen presence, gears up for the highly-anticipated premiere of The Legend of Hanuman Season 3. His portrayal of Raavan in the show has sparked curiosity and excitement among audiences.

Sharad Kelkar talks about voice acting's unique challenges

In an exclusive discussion with OTTplay, Sharad Kelkar shed light on the intricacies of voice acting, emphasizing its heightened complexity compared to on-screen performances. He delineated the challenges, emphasizing that while traditional acting engages multiple facets like body language and facial expressions, voice acting relies solely on the voice for emotive expression, making it a more demanding craft.

Sharad Kelkar talks about voice acting's unique challenges I IMDb

Kelkar articulated, "Voice acting is more challenging as your expressions solely rely on your voice. Unlike on-camera acting where your eyes, body, and facial expressions convey emotions, in voice acting, there's no physical support, making it tougher."


Delving into the upcoming season of The Legend of Hanuman, Sharad highlighted the thematic depth, elaborating on the exploration of Hanumanji's evolution and his confrontations with Raavan. He expressed his delight in portraying the multi-layered character of Raavan, emphasizing the season's focus on the dynamic between Hanumanji and Raavan, promising riveting dialogues, strategies, and emotions.

Sharad Kelkar expressed his delight in portraying the multi-layered character of Raavan

Kelkar enthused, "This season delves into Hanumanji's discovery of his powers, his journey alongside Shri Ram, and their confrontation with Raavan. It's more centered on the Hanumanji Vs. Raavan narrative, offering deeper insights into their interactions and strategies, making it a compelling watch."


What 2024 holds for Sharad Kelkar?

Apart from his on-screen prowess, Sharad Kelkar has established himself as a reliable voice actor, contributing his talents to dubbed versions of noteworthy films like Adipurush, the Baahubali series, and Marvel movies, collaborating with industry giants.

Kelkar's versatility and upcoming release I IMDb

Meanwhile, The Legend Of Hanuman Season 3 is set to captivate audiences on Disney+ Hotstar from January 12, 2024, promising an engaging narrative and Kelkar's artful portrayal of the enigmatic character, Raavan. 


Published January 9th, 2024 at 08:10 IST