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Bizarre! US man makes $4,000 by selling pictures of his feet on internet

Man from Arizona is earning money by selling the images of his feet on social media. Named Jason Stromm, he has 4,915 followers on Instagram.

Reported by: Akanksha Arora
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A man from Arizona in the United States is earning money by selling the images of his feet on social media. Named Jason Stromm, the man has 4,915 followers on his Instagram account named, ‘jasons_feet’. The account consists of various videos with his feet in focus. His videos include various mind controlling sessions where he is trying to hypnotize his viewers by his feet. He is also seen playing with socks in a few videos on his Instagram handle.

Man earns $4,000 by selling feet pictures

According to reports, Jason is 35 years old and he earns up to $4,000 per month by selling photos of his feet to men and women. Instagram is not his only source of income as he also makes money through OnlyFans. Through this portal, he sends exclusive photos to his clients and customers. Reports suggest that his standard subscription is for $7.99. 

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Talking about his client base, Jason reportedly said that his clients have a 'foot fetish' and they support him financially because it is not easy to find such content online for free. He added that he is able to understand their fetish because he himself has one and that is the difference between him and other guys who post similar images and videos. Jason's Instagram handle has 195 posts and all of them are focussed on feet. Jason reportedly said that this is not the only means through which he earns. Previously, he was an adult webcammer. 

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Published August 25th, 2020 at 19:44 IST