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'Who Killed Sara' season 2: How many episodes are there in the show's second season?

How many episodes are there in season 2 of 'Who Killed Sara?' What to expect from the second season? Information about the episodes. Read on to know more!

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Within a short period of its release, Who Killed Sara season 1 received a positive response from both the audience and critics. The crime thriller series, which was released on Netflix, revolves around a plot of revenge involving a Mexican family. Following the first season's popularity, the show was recently renewed for a second season to continue the story. Each episode of the first season lasted about 40-45 minutes and depicted a significant part of the plot. More information about Who Killed Sara season 2 episode, as well as what to expect from future seasons, can be found below.

How many episodes are there in season 2 of Who Killed Sara?

The second season of Who Killed Sara has released and is available to stream on Netflix. The second season of the show has a total of eight episodes. Each episode is over 40 minutes long.

Who killed Sara season 2 

The second season portrays how Alex is hell-bent on exacting revenge and proving that he wrongfully framed for his sister’s murder. The series will see Alex set out to unearth much more than the crime’s real culprit. The series will be full of suspense and also explore the character of Sara further.

  1. In the first episode, Alex is threatened to be put back in jail after the corpse is found in his backyard. shall look for answers with a psychiatrist who treated Sara.

  2. In the second episode, Lorenzo agrees to defend Alex in court and Mariana decides what to do with Elroy. Elisa becomes collateral damage in one of Alex’s attacks against Cesar.

  3. Elisa is forced to make a decision due to Alex's obsession with vengeance. Moncho infiltrates Chema and Lorenzo's home. Sara discovers a startling fact about herself.

  4. Alex learns the identity of the body in his backyard six months later. Cesar has vanished in the meantime, and Elisa has returned from Europe.

  5. Alex assists Lorenzo and Chema in dealing with the fallout from the incident at their home. Sergio intends to injure Cesar by going after Elisa. Nicandro runs into Marifer.

  6. An officer arrives at Lorenzo's station to question him about Moncho. Nicandro learns about Marifer's plan to locate her mother. Alex concentrates on locating Elisa.

  7. Sara and Marifer's relationship is revealed through flashbacks. Moncho's brother seeks vengeance. Nicandro presents Alex with the definitive proof of Sara's double life.

  8. A videotape concealed in Sara's wardrobe becomes crucial evidence, revealing that everyone has been looking for the killer in the wrong place.


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