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Fact Check: Was National-award Winning Director Sudhir Mishra Beaten Up By Mumbai Police?

A video on social media shows a man getting beaten up by Mumbai Police. Going by the physical features of the man in video, many thought it was Sudhir Mishra.


A video going viral on social media shows a man getting beaten up by Mumbai Police. Going by the physical attributes of the man in the video — white hair — many thought it was Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi director Sudhir Mishra, who was beaten for violating social distancing protocols.


Netizens after watching the video claimed it was National award-winning director Sudhir Mishra. Negative and abusive comments were hurled for the director where many said, "Film Director Sudhir Mishra got Royal Danda Treatment by Mumbai Police! National award winner, Congress PiDi refused to maintain Social Distancing in box marked line interacting with police. Rudely spoke threatening them with suspension."

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Sudhir Mishra took to his Twitter handle to clarify and wrote, "I am quite amused that people think I would take a beating without reacting. Every tall white-haired guy is not me . What shocks me is that the glee of the troll brigade. How sick! Whoever that coward who takes a beating like that, it ain’t me, sickos! Get a life!" [sic]

He further added, "Look at the joy of these people spreading a blatantly wrong video? Do you have think I should sue the lot of them? These half-blind morons with s*** in their brains who can’t zoom into a picture? The reason for the behaviour of the police can be investigated and the act can be condemned but THAT OVERWEIGHT, FAIR, WITH FULL HAIR AT THE BACK IS NOT ME. Stop the video and zoom ?" [sic]

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The guy is fat , ( I am and lean and fit . He’s fair ( I am brown ) He has absolutely white hair ( I have some black ) He has all his hair at the back . I have lost hair at the back . Plus I have fucking swag , he doesn’t. By the way I’ve had a very interesting relationship with the police . It’s never been antagonistic . My youngest Uncle ( now retired ) was a top cop and I love him dearly."[sic]

He also replied to a troll and said, "I cannot be wrong in these matters so I would react. By the way till date I’ve never had a problem with the police. Never! So Mr Pai, I am sorry to disappoint you but that fat long john wearing fair guy with full hair at the back ain’t me."[sic]

Director Hansal Mehta also confirmed that the man in the video was not Sudhir Mishra.

Maharashtra Govt lockdown

The guidelines by Maharashtra govt includes the following:

  • Essential services such as grocery, milk, medical shops, etc. will remain open.
  • All places of worship will be closed. 
  • Al the district borders within the state will be sealed
  • All the public transport will not be permitted except for essential services. 
  • All public transport services including inter-city MSRTC buses and metro shall not be permitted. 
  • Taxis with not more than two persons besides the driver, auto-rickshaws with not more than one passenger besides the driver are permitted only for the purposes specified in the order.
  • The transport of passengers for accessing emergency medical services shall be permitted.
  • Plying of private vehicles shall be restricted only to the extent of procuring essential commodities, health services and activities permitted under this order, and with only two persons besides the driver."
  • Operation of inter-state/intra-state bus and passenger transport services including those by private operators shall stand suspended.
  • Gyms, swimming schools, theatres and all education institutions are shut in the state until March 31.

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