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Fact Check: Were 925 Coronavirus Patients Healed In Italy In The Last 24 Hours?

Fact check: a recent video on social media claimed that Italy has healed 925 patients in a day, but the claim has since then been proven wrong. Read below.

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The Coronavirus pandemic evidently took a devastating turn in Italy where more than 86,000 cases of COVID-19 positive cases are registered. Out of this, over seven thousand cases have resulted in fatal outcomes. These horrific numbers are easy to make any person paranoid about the ongoing pandemic, but another crisis which came up along with the pandemic is the surge of fake and fabricated news which has been going around on the internet. Now, another piece of fake news has claimed that Italy healed and discharged 925 coronavirus patients in the last 24 hours.

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Claim - 

A video circulating on social media showcases a lady getting discharged from the hospital. The video was claimed to be from Italy on social media and, along with it, news about 925 people getting healed in Italy in a single day was also going around. Check out the video below - 


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Rating - False

The video doing rounds on social media is indeed an inspirational one as various medical staff workers can be seen celebrating the discharge of a woman from the hospital. But the video has since then been confirmed to be from Huca, Spain and not Italy. As per reports, the 56-year-old woman was the first patient from Spain to get hospitalised due to the Coronavirus. It was an achievement for the woman to get discharged after a long 14-day battle with coronavirus, but the video was circulated on the internet along with false news of it being from Italy. No reports about Italy healing 925 patients in a single day have been recorded. 

Origin - 

Social media has evidently become a hub for various internet users to fearmonger and spread fake news. Since these pieces of news are not verified by any source, its credibility cannot be trusted. The video of a lady getting a discharge from hospital after a long battle with the coronavirus was circulated on social media. Along with the video, people started to claim that  925 people were healed in Italy in a single day. The video went around on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The video also got over 500k views on Twitter. 

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Google Trends analysis of Italy healing 925 patients in 24 hours

As the video being circulated suggested that Italy has healed 925 patients in a single day, various people started searching for the same on Google. As an outcome, a surge in Google searches was witnessed for the same. Check it out below - 

Google Trends

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