Austrahind 23

Updated November 29th, 2023 at 21:35 IST

Glimpses from Indian Army's joint exercise 'Austrahind-23' with Australian Armed Forces

The joint military exercise, taking place in Perth from November 22 to December 6, aims to enhance collaboration and share best practices,

Reported by: Yuvraj Tyagi

1/8: On 22 November 2023, an 81-member contingent from the Indian Armed Forces departed for Australia to participate in the second edition of Joint Military Exercise AUSTRAHIND-23./ Image: ADGPI

2/8: The Indian Army contingent, consisting of 60 personnel from a Battalion of the GORKHA Rifles, is complemented by one officer from the Indian Navy and 20 personnel from the Indian Air Force./ Image: ADGPI

3/8: The Australian Army contingent, with 60 personnel from the 13th Brigade, is joined by 20 members each from the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force./ Image: ADGPI

4/8: AUSTRAHIND-23 involves soldiers from the Australian Army’s 13th Brigade, Australian Air Force, and Australian Navy training alongside the Indian partners, fostering bilateral cooperation./ Image: ADGPI

5/8: Instituted in 2022, AUSTRAHIND is planned as an annual training event, alternating between India and Australia./ Image: ADGPi

6/8: The exercise involves multi-domain operations in urban and semi-urban terrain under Chapter VII of the United Nations, focusing on peacekeeping operations./ Image: ADGPI

7/8: Participants rehearse tactics, techniques, for tactical operations. The curriculum includes sniper firing, joint operation of surveillance equipment, achieving situational awareness, and evacuation./ Image: ADGPI

8/8: AUSTRAHIND-23 plays a crucial role in promoting understanding between the Indian and Australian militaries, contributing to the strengthening of defense cooperation between the two friendly nations./ Image: ADGPI

Published November 29th, 2023 at 21:35 IST