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Barbie To Brokeback Mountain: Biggest Awards Season Snubs Over The Years

Barbie To Brokeback Mountain: Biggest Awards Season Snubs Over The Years

1/7: Barbie's lap around the awards circuit this year has been particularly dismal. The film has missed out on wins in almost all the major categories - also failing to so much as land key nominations. / Image: X

2/7: The Brokeback Mountain's Oscars upset back in 2005 - a best film win that it lost to Crash, earns the film a prime place in this list. / Image: X

3/7: Despite emerging to be the biggest blockbuster of the 1980s, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial only managed to score wins in the technical category, standing snubbed otherwise. / Image: IMDb

4/7: The Shawshank Redemption lives on as one of the most unmissable films to come out of Hollywood. Sadly, the film and its cast went back home empty-handed from the 1995 Oscars despite 7 nominations. / Image: X

5/7: 1941 film Citizen Kane earned nine nominations at the Oscars during its time winning none but one - that for original screenplay./ Image: IMDb

6/7: Not only did Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas miss out on a best picture win at the 1991 Oscars but also failed to score a win for Scorsese himself. / Image: IMDb

7/7: Saving Private Ryan's 1999 Oscars upset stood doubled down by the fact that the best picture win for the film lost to Shakespeare In Love - a decision that still cannot be made sense of. / Image: IMDb

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