Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Updated February 25th, 2024 at 00:10 IST

Malyasia, Bhutan, Italy, Austria: Tracing Samantha Ruth Prabhu's Off-Duty Travels

From Langkawi in Malyasia, to Big Sur in California, here's taking a look at all the places Samantha visited as she recovered during her acting break.

1/7: Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently shared pictures of herself taking a swim in a lagoon, in Malaysia's Langkawi. / Image: Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Instagram

2/7: The actress' acting break has seen her travel far and wide in pursuit of health, recovery and happiness. / Image: Instagram

3/7: Samantha's acting break began shortly after the release of Shaakuntalam, when she paid a visit to Bali in Indonesia. / Image: Instagram

4/7: This was followed by a quick visit to the Big Apple - New York City where she spent ample time at the National History Museum. / Image: Instagram

5/7: Big Sur, California saw the actress throw her legs up and soak in the sun day on day. / Image: Instagram

6/7: Samantha's visit to Europe saw her tour Austria and Italy, exploring the exotic locales by herself. / Image: Instagram

7/7: One of the actress' final trips for 2023 was a retreat in Bhutan - a time she used to rest and recuperate before starting 2024 anew. / Image: Instagram

Published February 24th, 2024 at 23:35 IST