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Updated May 17th, 2024 at 14:31 IST

Manthan To Lucia: Must-watch Crowdfunded Movies

As Shyam Benegal's Mantha is all set to premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2024, take a look at other crowdfunded movies that yu much watch.

1/6: Manthan: It is the first crowdfunded Indian film as it was entirely crowdfunded by 500,000 farmers who donated Rs. 2 each./ Image: IMdb

2/6: Alice and the Land That Wonders: The director Giulia Grandinetti raised an amount of about EUR 25,000 through a crowdfunding collection. Then supplemented by other money donated by the family./ Image: IMDb

3/6: Code 8: An Indiegogo fundraising campaign asking for $200,000 was launched on March 23 and reached $2.4 million by April 24./ Image: Netflix

4/6: Lucia: It was the first film in the Kannada industry to be crowdfunded by the people. Leveraging social media platforms, Pawan initiated a campaign to raise Rs 50 lakh for making Lucia./ Image: IMDb

5/6: Munchausen: Cinematographer Pawel Pogorzelsk started a successful crowdfunding campaign for the film in 2012, which raised $16,175./ Image: Wikipedia

6/6: White Reindeer: Directed by Zach Clark, after 52 days of fundraising, the film met its pledged goal of $33,500./ Image: IMdb

Published May 17th, 2024 at 14:31 IST