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Updated January 30th, 2024 at 14:43 IST

Marudhanayagam To KH 233, Kamal Haasan Films That Got Shelved

From Marudhanayagam to KH 233, films of Kamal Haasan that got shelved post their official announcements despite promising plots.

1/5: Marudhanayagam starring Kamal Haasan was supposed to release in 1997. The project was even inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II but got shelved./ Image: IMDb

2/5: Thalaivan Irukindran starring Kamal Haasan was scheduled to release in 2008. The film's cast and everything was finalised but due to lack of a producer the film got shelved./ Image: IMDb

3/5: Thevar Magan 2 was announced back in 2018. However, controversy around caste-based violence surrounded the film, due to which it got shelved./ Image: IMDb

4/5: Sabash Naidu starring Kamal Haasan, Shruti Haasan and others got shelved despite generating buzz with its teaser and first look./ Image: IMDb

5/5: KH 233 starring Kamal Haasan was abandoned as the project's development failed to meet the actor's expectations. / Image: X

Published January 30th, 2024 at 14:43 IST