Parasyte The Grey

Updated April 6th, 2024 at 15:13 IST

Missing Crown Prince, Parasyte, Lovely Runner, K-dramas To Stream In April 2024

As we enter the fourth month of the year, here are a set of K-dramas you can watch in the comfort of you home in April.

1/5: Chief Detective 1958: It will follow the story of a detective with the highest arrest rate. He teams up with three colleagues to break the norms of corruption. It will debut on April 19 on MBC./ Image: TVN

2/5: Lovely Runner: The story of Ryoo Seon-jae, a top star who sadly ends his life, and his romance with Im Sol who goes back to save him. It will release on TvN on April 8./ Image: IMDb

3/5: Parasyte The Grey: People must rise to combat unidentified parasites after they violently take over human hosts and gain power. It will premiere on Netflix on April 5./ Image: IMDb

4/5: Blood Free: Ending years of humans eating animal meat, BF now dominates the genetically engineered meat market but some people begin to doubt the company's CEO. It will release on April 10 Disney+./ Image: IMDb

5/5: Missing Crown Prince: Crown Prince Yi Gun finds himself in trouble when he is kidnapped by a woman named Choi Myeong-Yoon. She plans to marry the crown prince. The show will debut on MBN on April 13./ Image: IMDb

Published April 6th, 2024 at 15:13 IST