Updated January 8th, 2024 at 17:55 IST

Om to Super: DYK most of Upendra's films are inspired from real-life events?

Upendra unveiled the look of World of UI, which he has been working on since mid-2000s. As the actor is trending, here we are with his impressive filmography.

1/6: Om (1995) is inspired by a real incident in the 1980s. Upendra created history by giving a raw and rustic style of gangster drama set in Bengaluru's criminal underworld./ Image: IMDb

2/6: Operation Antha (1995): A political-action drama, serves as a sequel to Antha. It showcases how the country can overcome extreme problems by following the solutions, which was quite new to its time. / Image: IMDb

3/6: Swastik (1998): Upendra's directorial showcased the terrorism problem in the film insisting that people live peacefully despite different religion and cast./ Image: IMDb

4/6: Upendra (1999): An allegorical film that explores three human emotions through the relationship between the main character and the three heroines./ Image: IMDb

5/6: Super (2010): This utopian film had a concept of a contrasting futuristic India set in the year 2030, and the contemporary image of India./ Image: IMDb

6/6: Uppi2 (2015): A sequel to Upendra, the infused confusing screenplay adding philosophy touches to the story which stirred the audience's minds to understand the film./ Image: IMDb

Published January 8th, 2024 at 17:55 IST