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Updated February 20th, 2024 at 16:26 IST

Reply 1997, Colour Rush, To My Star: K-dramas Based On Gay Storylines

Here is a list of K-dramas that feature some of the most endearing plots revolving around gay characters.

1/5: Colour Rush: It tells the story of Yeon Woo, played by Yoo, who can only see the world in varying tones of gray, and Yoo Han, played by Hur, with whom Yeon Woo experiences a "color rush." / Image: IMDb

2/5: To My Star: The love story between actor Kang Seo-joon, who deviates from the traditional route, and chef Han Ji-woo, who doesn't want to deviate from the straight path./ Image: IMDb

3/5: Reply 1997: A woman reminisces her teenage years with her friends at their high school reunion where everybody talks about the time when she was obsessed with a boy band named HOT. / Image: IMDb

4/5: Where Your Eyes Linger: A chaebol heir to the TB Group and his bodyguard develop a close relationship. / Image: IMDb

5/5: Nevertheless: Where the lead couple shared toxicity and stress, the viewers came to love a second lead lesbian couple that no one can't help but root for. / Image: Instagram

Published February 20th, 2024 at 16:26 IST