The Viking (1931)

Updated March 18th, 2024 at 23:17 IST

The Viking To Roar: Movie Sets Where People Died

In the history of cinema, there has been several movie sets that have left many people injured during the filming and even took several people's lives.

1/5: The Viking maker Varick Frissell took his crew onboard a ship packed with ice-shattering explosives. At some point, the explosives were compromised and detonated leaving twenty-seven people killed./ Image: IMDb

2/5: One of the more controversial occurrences in terms of crew safety, the production of The Conquerer (1956) ultimately led to the death of forty-six crew members due to widespread radiation poisoning./ Image: IMDb

3/5: In a stubborn attempt to maximize realism, the production team of Noah’s Ark chose to reenact a life-sized flood which led to the unfortunate drowning of three on-set people./ Image: IMDb

4/5: Roar actually used a large number of legitimately dangerous wild animals on set. As a result, over 70 of the cast and crew were severely injured with some crew members requiring hundreds of stitches./ Image: IMDb

5/5: In early-1950, shooting in Africa was far from common and due to lack of preparation, the cast and crew of The African Queen were exposed to harsh heat, poor nutrition, and widespread dysentery./ Image: IMDb

Published March 18th, 2024 at 23:17 IST