Russian Ark

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Timecode to Fish & Cat: Films that were shot in one take

Seven films such as Timecode, Fist and Cat and Russian Ark were shot in one take.

1/7: Russian Ark (2002): Directed by Alexander Sokurov, the ninety-six minutes of the film follow a ghost who explores Saint Petersburg's Winter Palace and encounters various incident in each room./ Image: IMDb

2/7: Timecode (2000): Mike Figgis divided a screen into four quarters, cast the likes of Salma Hayek, Stellan Skarsgård, Saffron Burrows, and Holly Hunter, and ran the four shots simultaneously./ Image: IMDb

3/7: Fish & Cat (2013): Shahram Mokri's slasher film about a group of university students who camp by a lake whilst participating in kite-running competitions runs to a length of 2 hours and 14 minutes./ Image: IMDb

4/7: Paint Drying (2016): Charlie Shackleton made this film to protest against film censorship and the expense certification from the British Board of Film Classification./ Image: Instagram

5/7: Roaring 20's (2021): A Paris-in-Covid-19 travelogue, Elizabeth Vogler's eighty-five-minute film takes viewers on a day-long trip around the City of Lights in the middle of the pandemic./ Image: IMDb

6/7: Iravin Nizhal (2022): R. Parthiban's film ran for just over 2 hours, traversing fifty sets across seventy-five acres to accommodate its non-linear narrative structure./ Image: IMDb

7/7: Boiling Point (2021): Philip Barantini (director) and Stephen Graham expanded their 2019 short of the same name to produce 92 tense minutes of dinner service at an upmarket London restaurant./ Image: IMDb

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