Middle East

Updated December 7th, 2023 at 18:43 IST

In 2023, calamities of war and disaster unleashed again on Middle East, North Africa

In 2023, the War and natural disasters ravaged Middle East throughout 2023, straining countries already hit by worsening economic crisis.

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1/9: Iraqis swim in the Tigris river in Baghdad during a year of extreme weather fuelled by climate change./ Image: AP

2/9: Palestinians enjoy at a beach amid the raging war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas, sparked by the militant group’s unprecedented Oct. 7 attack on Israel./ Image: AP

3/9: Protester sits near a bonfire lighted during anti government demonstrations in Israel at the Ayalon highway in 2023, the year that witnessed political upheavel in Tel Aviv./ Image: AP

4/9: israeli women's rights activists dress up as 'The Handmaid's Tale' during political demonstrations sparked in Israel./ Image: AP

5/9: An Afghan refugee sleeps in a camp near Torkham, Afghanistan-Pakistan border during the immigrant crisis that gripped the region. / Image: AP

6/9: Afghan girls and women carry the donated aid to the tents after the devastating earthquake that hit Zenda Jan district in Herat. On Feb. 6, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Syria and Turkey./ Image: AP

7/9: Lebanon army scuffles with the protesters as they attempt to barge into the government building during a political crisis in 2023. / Image: AP

8/9: Lebanese special forces remove their comrade during the protests in the country. Citizens demanded a better pay from the government that led to a turmoil in the region. / Image: AP

9/9: Libya’s eastern city of Derna witnessed the devastating flash floods spurred from the climate change. By the end of the year, a multitude of heads of nations gathered for U climate talks./ Image: AP

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