Updated April 4th, 2024 at 18:32 IST

Aam Panna To Thandai: Must-Try Homemade Drinks To Beat The Heat

There are homemade drinks which are not only great in taste but will also keep you well-hydrated in scorching summer. Check out the drinks below.

1/7: Aam Panna can help reduce sunstroke. A drink made of raw mango, sugar and spices, Aam Panna is easy to make./ Image: Freepik

2/7: Wood Apple or Bael, offers numerous health benefits in Ayurveda. It aids digestion, improves skin health, manages asthma symptoms, and supports reproductive health during summers. / Image: Unsplash

3/7: Lemon, rich in Vitamin C, can help lower body temperature. It can also oxygenate the body and improve energy. / Image: Unsplash

4/7: Lassi and chaas are popular yoghurt drinks which are usually served as a cooling drink for refreshment on a hot summer day. / Image: Unsplash

5/7: Drinking one large glass of watermelon juice during breakfast will help in keeping your body cool./ Image: Freepik

6/7: Jal Jeera is the best drink for summer as it helps to detoxify toxins. The drink contains healthy spices and is effective in reducing the body heat. / Image: vegrecipesofindia

7/7: Thandai is a good drink to beat the summer. One can have it with almonds, pistachios and poppy seeds as they contain crucial nutrients such as protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and zinc. / Image: Unsplash

Published April 4th, 2024 at 13:39 IST