Updated February 13th, 2024 at 00:12 IST

Are You Sleeping Correct? Here's How To Optimise Your Down Time

Insomnia is an issue that plagues those with hectic lives. Certain positions are a better fit for the body depending on the aches and pains it is harbouring.

1/5: Sleeping on your side is best enhanced by placing a stiff pillow between your knees. This sleep position is best for lower back pain, neck pain, snoring and acid reflux. / Image: X

2/5: One can use a pillow to prop themselves up while sleeping on their back - but it needs to be a thin one. This sleep position is best for sinus congestion and hip and knee pain. / Image: Unsplash

3/5: Sleeping on your stomach is best enhanced with a pillow under the pelvis. This sleep position is best for sleep apnea and snoring. / Image: X

4/5: The fetal sleep position is best for sleep apnea, snoring and lower back pain. Those pregnant can use a body pillow to allow better support. / Image: X

5/5: Those suffering from hip and knee pain should pace a pillow under their knees to allow an elevated position, so as to take the pressure off the spine. / Image: X

Published February 12th, 2024 at 23:47 IST