Fan Bingbing

Updated November 22nd, 2023 at 14:06 IST

Fan Bingbing's liquid diet to Jolin Jin's Copenhagen diet: What Chinese actresses eat to stay young

From a diet dominated by red foods to collagen-rich teas, here are Chinese actresses who shared their unconventional secrets for looking young and vibrant.

1/5: Li Bingbing's diet regimen involves consuming only boiled vegetables without salt, seasoning, or oil. Fried foods are a strict no-no for Li./ Image: Li Bingbing/Instagram

2/5: Ni Hongjie relies on a unique flower and collagen-based diet for her youthful look. Starting her day with flower tea and collagen-rich fish maw, Ni believes these elements nourish her energy./ Image: Ni Hongjie/Instagram

3/5: Fan Bingbing, touted as the richest actress in Asia, adopts a liquid diet, sustaining only on water until her weight normalises. also adheres to a no-sugar diet. / Image: Fan Bingbing/Instagram

4/5: Jolin Jin undergoes an extreme diet, known as the Copenhagen diet, to achieve her desired hourglass body type. During this regimen, Jolin consumes only cucumber and yoghurt./ Image: Jolin Jin/Instagram

5/5: Rainie Yang's day begins with boiled vegetables and fried chicken or beef. For her last meal, Rainie opts for unsweetened soy milk with a scoop of protein powder./ Image: Rainie Yang/Instagram

Published November 22nd, 2023 at 14:06 IST