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Updated April 28th, 2024 at 16:53 IST

Grooming Tips For Your Pets To Keep Them Cool In Summer

Summer is a tough time for your pets. Grooming them makes it a little easier for them. Here are tips to groom and take care of them.

1/5: Regular brushing is essential for all dogs, regardless of breed or coat type./ Image: Unsplash

2/5: Bathe your dog at regular intervals in summer using a gentle dog shampoo formulated for their specific coat type./ Image: Unsplash

3/5: For dogs with longer coats or hair that grows continuously, occasional trimming may be necessary to maintain a neat and tidy appearance and keep them cool./ Image: Unsplash

4/5: On days when you are not bathing your pets, give them a sponge bath./ Image: Unsplash

5/5: Professional grooming and an occasional spa day will do your dog a lot of good./ Image: Unsplash

Published April 28th, 2024 at 16:53 IST