7 types of soup

Updated December 23rd, 2023 at 18:51 IST

Lentil soup to spicy tomato, comfort Indian soups to keep you warm in winter

With the arrival of the winter season, the body's intake of hot food dishes increases. Take a look at Indian soups which help keep warm as well as taste good.

1/6: Lentil soup is one of the classic Indian dishes. In the chilly winter months, the soup helps ease throat pain and provides adequate nutrition. / Image: unsplash

2/6: Another classic winter treat is mushroom soup. / Image: Pexels

3/6: Borcolli soup mixed with corn is an Indian delicacy. The soup provides comfort and nutrition both. / Image: Pintrest

4/6: The classic tomato soup is not only tasty but also provides comfort to one's health in the winter weather. Mix it with other vegetables to provide the best of nutrition. / Image: Pinterest

5/6: Ginger and garlic soup is also an Indian delicacy. The soup helps cure sinuses and ease throat pain in the winter season. / Image: Pinterest

6/6: Chicken soup is proven to be most effective at loosening mucus and keeping the body warm. Chicken soup with Indian spices helps ease the discomfort in the throat. / Image: Pinterest

Published December 23rd, 2023 at 18:51 IST