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Updated May 20th, 2024 at 15:44 IST

Lesser Known Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair In Summers

Oiling your hair might be more important in summers than you think. Here are its many benefits.

1/5: Oiling hydrates your scalp during the harsh summer season./ Image: Freepik

2/5: It also protects your hair from harmful UV rays./ Image: Freepik

3/5: The humidity can make your hair frizzy. Oiling prevents that./ Image: Freepik

4/5: Oiling also boosts hair growth and gives you thick tresses./ Image: Freepik

5/5: Oiling adds extra shine and lustre to your hair and protects it from damage in summer./ Image: Freepik

Published May 20th, 2024 at 15:44 IST