Updated April 30th, 2024 at 15:37 IST

Light Summer Snacks To Keep You Healthy And Satiated

Summertime calls for light snacks that are delicious, but easy to digest at the same time. Let us take a look at some food items that you can munch on.

1/5: A tall glass of iced green tea is perfect if you wish to have something without increasing your calorie count./ Image: Unsplash

2/5: A quick milkshake with banana is cooling and filling for the summertime./ Image: freepik

3/5: Steamed dahi vada is another cooling snack that is satiating at the same time./ Image: Freepik

4/5: If frozen yogurt is your favourite snack, add fresh fruits and berries to make it even better./ Image: Freepik

5/5: Buttermilk, infused with mint, is the probiotic that your body needs during summer to digest food./ Image: Freepik

Published April 30th, 2024 at 15:37 IST