Lohri celebrations

Updated January 12th, 2024 at 00:48 IST

Lohri 2024: Things To Keep In Mind Before Hosting A Theme Party At Your Home

Lohri is around the corner, here we are with the list of important things that you should add use to host a themed party at home.

1/6: Lohri is a harvest festival celebrated in Punjab. If you are planning a theme party at home, here we are with the detailed list. / Image: istock

2/6: Collect wood, tinder and cow dung cakes to start a bonfire. Bricks should be placed around the bonfire to stop it from spreading. Collect them in advance so that you don't run short of supplies. / Image: Unsplash

3/6: Decorate your house with earthen pots, kites, coloured pinwheels, strings of bangles and dupattas, to give a traditional vibrant look./ Image: Lohri

4/6: Decorate a huge thali with popcorn, chikki, peanuts, and rewari. In Punjabi custom, popcorn, rewari and peanuts are thrown in the bonfire, so you can also pop them into the fire while eating./ Image: Unsplash

5/6: Make a playlist of appropriate songs, such as Bhangra and Gidda beats, folk tunes and Bollywood songs to keep the festival spirit high./ Image: Lohri

6/6: Rather than getting the standard meal, make some delectable paneer tikkas and veg kebabs on an open grill at home for an unforgettable Lohri celebration./ Image: Barbeque-Nation

Published January 11th, 2024 at 23:55 IST