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Updated May 31st, 2024 at 23:25 IST

Longest Rivers In The World

Rivers collect freshwater molecules, forming trickles that join to form creeks, streams, and rivers.

1/7: The Amazon, believed to be at least 4,000 miles long, is considered the world's longest river, though it is shorter than the Nile, which is considered the world's longest./ Image: education.nationalgeographic.org

2/7: The Nile, Africa's longest river, spans 6,650 kilometers and has a drainage basin covering 11 African countries./ Image: education.nationalgeographic.org

3/7: The Yangtze River, the longest in China and Asia, spans 3,915 miles and is the third-longest river globally./ Image: education.nationalgeographic.org

4/7: The Mississippi River, the second longest in North America, spans 2,350 miles from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, while the Missouri River is 100 miles longer./ Image: americanrivers.org

5/7: The Yenisey River, originating from the confluence of the Great Yenisey, spans 2,167 miles, primarily along the eastern-western Siberia border, before emptying into the Kara Sea./ Image: worldatlas.com

6/7: The Huang He, China's second-longest river, spans over 5,400 kilometers and covers a drainage basin of 750,000 square kilometers, making it the third largest basin area in the country./ Image: education.nationalgeographic.org

7/7: The Ob-Irtysh waterway, spanning 3,362 miles, is one of Asia's longest river systems and the seventh longest in the world, without its significant tributary, the Irtysh./ Image: dailyoverview/Instagram

Published May 31st, 2024 at 23:25 IST