Chicken Xacuti

Updated February 21st, 2024 at 23:57 IST

Must-Try Dishes Integral To Goan Cuisine

Goa is popular for its delicious cuisine that is staple food of this tourist spot. This place is also a heaven for seafood lovers as the Goan cuisine.

1/7: Goan Fish Curry is an white flesh fish, tamarind paste, grated coconut, green chilies, onion, refined oil, water and a melange of spices and you are good to go. This traditional Goan recipe is burst/ Image: freepik

2/7: Chicken cafreal is a traditional Goan dish of dry chicken cooked in a green marinade. The dish is originated in Portuguese colonies and is often made with bone-in chicken thighs. / Image: Freepik

3/7: Goan pork vindaloo is a very hot Indian dish made with pork, tamarind, vinegar, and garlic. The word vindaloo comes from the Portuguese phrase vinho de alho, which means wine and garlic. / Image: Freepik

4/7: Shark ambot tik is a Goan dish of fish cooked in a spicy, sour, and tangy ground masala paste. The word "ambot" means "sour and tangy" and "tik" means "spicy and hot" in Konkani. / Image: Freepik

5/7: Sorpotel, also known as sarapatel, is a sweet, tangy, savory, and spicy pork dish that originated in Brazil in the 13th century. It's commonly cooked in the Konkan region, which includes in Goa./ Image: freepik

6/7: Xacuti is a curry prepared in Goa, India, with complex spicing, including white poppy seeds, sliced onions, toasted grated coconut, and large dried red chillies. / Image: Freepik

7/7: Feijoada is widely believed that the beginnings of feijoada stem from slavery in Brazil, where slaves put together the scraps of leftover beans and meat from their owners to create a kind of stew./ Image: Freepik

Published February 21st, 2024 at 23:57 IST