Kid-friendly breakfast

Updated May 23rd, 2024 at 15:52 IST

Quick Breakfast Options To Make For Kids Who Are Fussy Eaters

Some kids are fussy eaters. However, by making these dishes, you can get them to start their day with filled stomachs.

1/5: Bake banana muffins for your kids to enjoy./ Image: Unsplash

2/5: If your kid does not enjoy fruits, blend them into a smoothie./ Image: Unsplash

3/5: A pasta salad with vegetable blended sauce can be a good breakfast option./ Image: Unsplash

4/5: A tall glass of orange juice is perfect for summers./ Image: Unsplash

5/5: A stuffed omelette with cheese and veggies will entice your kids./ Image: Unsplash

Published May 23rd, 2024 at 15:52 IST