Rakul & Jackky Wedding

Updated February 21st, 2024 at 23:53 IST

Rakul Preet Singh And Jackky Bhagnani Tie The Knot In Sindhi Wedding, Know All About The Rituals

Rakul And Jackky's wedding to take place in Goa. They will exchange the wedding vows in the traditional Sindhi ceremony.

1/13: Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani had two wedding ceremonies- Anand Karaj and a Sindhi-style ceremony, reflecting their respective cultures. Their Anand Karaj ceremony was held in the afternoon. / Image: jackkybhagnaniandrakulpreet/Instagram

2/13: The ceremony of Gaaro Dhago is performed on the morning of the wedding day. The priest ties a sacred red thread on the wrist of the bride and the groom asks for the blessings of the ancestors./ Image: ARJ Photography

3/13: The Baraat sets off on the day of the wedding. The Baraat has to reach the venue where the wedding will be held and everyone in the Baraat sings and dances on their way to celebrate the wedding. / Image: ARJ Photography

4/13: The bride’s family welcomes barat, offering them sugar and cardamom and rose water sprinkled over everyone. Aarti is performed by the bride’s mother and she applies Tilak to the groom’s forehead. / Image: Photo courtesy: Sam And Ekta

5/13: Once the Baraat is welcomed, and everyone has settled. It is required for the bride to blush to make a grand entrance. She walks the aisle feeling grateful and jovial about the moment. / Image: Ushma

6/13: The Jaimala ceremony is done right after the bridal entry. The couple exchange flower garlands aka Jaimala with each other. / Image: Courtesy: Reels And Frames

7/13: Once the bride and the groom are seated at the Mandap, the bride’s parents wash the groom’s feet using milk and water considering their son-in-law as an embodiment of Lord Vishnu. / Image: Image courtesy Sanjay Gohil

8/13: Palli Palo is the Sindhi wedding tradition of tying the bride’s dupatta to the groom’s dupatta. It is performed by the sister of the bride. She ties the knot twice while keeping some rice. / Image: Image courtesy Sanjay Gohil

9/13: Hathiyala is a sweet Sindhi wedding tradition in which the bride’s right hand is tied to the groom’s right hand gently using a red cloth as they offer their prayers to the Gods together. / Image: Silon Talkies

10/13: The couple takes four rounds of pheras across a sacred fire. Each round is dedicated to a wedding vow that needs to be kept forever. The first three pheras is led by the bride and last one by groom/ Image: freepik

11/13: The Kanyadaan is an auspicious and emotional ceremony. The father of the bride officially gives his daughter away to the groom and asks him to love and respect her and take care of her forever./ Image: Photography by Sam and Ekta

12/13: Saptapadi includes seven small piles of rice are placed in front of the couple and the bride has to step over each one of them with her right foot. The groom assists her in resolving the obstacles./ Image: Shayan Photography

13/13: This Sindhi wedding tradition is quite emotional as the bride leaves her parent’s house after the wedding and moves to her husband’s house. / Image: Lin And Jirsa Photography

Published February 21st, 2024 at 23:53 IST