Achari Fish Tikka

Updated June 10th, 2024 at 20:19 IST

Seafood Snack Recipes To Prepare At Home

Saline, salmon, oysters, mackerel, trout, and clams are nutritious and sustainable seafood options. Cooking methods like baking and sautéing can support health.

1/7: Fish Pakora are Indian-style crispy fish fritters, made from boneless fish marinated with spices and coated in gram flour batter, fried to perfection./ Image: IMDb

2/7: Shrimp Pakoda is a delectable Indian-style snack made from deep-fried shrimp coated in gram flour batter./ Image: Swasthi recipe

3/7: Popcorn Crusted fish is prepared with marinate fish with lemon juice, worcestershire, salt, and pepper for 15 minutes. Dip in flour, egg white, popcorn, bread crumb mixture, and bake or deep fry. / Image: Pinterest

4/7: Raw prawns can be cooked in various ways, including boiling, frying, or grilling on the barbecue, until they turn opaque./ Image: Pinterest

5/7: Sesame prawn balls can be prepared by chopping and cube prawns, then mix oyster sauce, oil, ginger, and bamboo shoots in a mortar. Stir in prawns and mix well./ Image: Pinterest

6/7: Tandoori prawns, traditionally cooked in clay tandoor, can be enjoyed at home or on a grill or barbeque, due to their meaty and delicious taste./ Image: Pinterest

7/7: Achari Fish tikka can be prepared by marinate fish with lemon juice and ginger garlic paste for 15 minutes, then add remaining ingredients, except leaves, and marinate for an hour. / Image: Pinterest

Published June 10th, 2024 at 20:19 IST