Cristiano Ronaldo

Updated March 1st, 2024 at 12:12 IST

Most followed footballers on Instagram

Footballers have unreal influence on their followers, let's take a look at the most followed footballers on Instagram as of March 2024.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha

1/5: David Beckham rounds out the list with a respectable 87 million followers, demonstrating his enduring influence. / Image: AP

2/5: Kylian Mbappé has also amassed a significant following of 112 million on Instagram. / Image: AP

3/5: Neymar Jr. boasts an impressive 219 million followers, showcasing his widespread popularity. / Image: AP

4/5: Lionel Messi commands a massive following of 500 million on the social media platform. / Image: AP

5/5: Cristiano Ronaldo leads the pack with an astounding 623 million followers on Instagram. / Image: AP

Published March 1st, 2024 at 12:12 IST