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Lifestyle Changes To Ensure Trouble-Free Periods

If you suffer from pain during your monthly cycle, there are some easy lifestyle changes you can make for a better outcome.

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It's never fun and always inconvenient that time of month. Apart from changing your restroom habits, there are a few more bothersome period symptoms. Food cravings, sleep issues, bloating, mood swings (typically anger), exhaustion, sensitive breasts, and more are warning indications of impending menstruation. The majority of these symptoms begin even before your period begins.

Your time of the month is definitely the worst if you're one of the one in eight women who get period pains during your monthly cycle. However, there are some easy lifestyle changes you can make to your routine for a better outcome. 


Switch to Healthy Snacking

Your diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy uterine upkeep. The hormonal imbalance during periods often leads to unhealthy food cravings. While you give in to your food cravings, make sure that you also eat snacks that are healthy and will provide you with essential nutrients. Make sure to include healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3 in your diet. Foods high in fiber such as green vegetables, legumes, and whole grains have been known to reduce cramping during periods.




Indulging in physical activities has also been proven to reduce period pain. Walking, running, swimming or yoga can help you relieve pain. Exercise releases hormones like endorphins and serotonin that act as natural painkillers. 

Stay Hydrated

Period cramps will feel more painful if you’re dehydrated. Make sure that you drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water in a day. You can also include fruit juices in your diet that will nourish your body while keeping it hydrated.

Heat Therapy

Pampering your body while on your period can not only reduce pain but also help your body relax. Women often use hot water bags to reduce cramping and comfort the abdominal region, however, a hot water bag can prove tedious when it comes to managing the temperature and finding instant comfort. An alternative to this is using period pain relief oils. Imbue’s Rosa Period Pain Oil is one such alternative that is made with the goodness of pressed cinnamon, yarrow, and vetiver oil. The self-warming properties of this oil help reduce period cramps and elevate mood by relieving stress.

Take a break, stop working through it 

Women are often taught to keep menstruation a private affair, and talking about periods is often stigmatized. We are expected to endure the pain and work through it. Stress from work and domestic life can add to the physical discomfort. You must listen to your body and give it a break as and when it needs it.


Published March 1st, 2024 at 23:46 IST