Updated May 17th, 2024 at 23:40 IST

Suffering From Chronic Low Blood Pressure? Consider These Natural Remedies

Chronic low blood pressure comes with its own set of drawbacks, light-headedness and feeling dizzy at the drop of a hat, being foremost among them.

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While feeling light-headed and overall weak is part and parcel of suffering from low blood pressure, more serious manifestations of the condition can also cause spells of fainting. While of course there are medications across the spectrum for stabilising the same, there also exist some natural hacks which have the potential to produce the same impact and are hence, worth a shot.

Increase salt intake

Sodium is not really the enemy that most fad diets make it out to be. For those suffering from low blood pressure, as per a Medical News Today report, increasing one's salt intake over time can go a long way in helping to stabilise one's blood pressure.


While direct salt is of course worth considering, taster alternatives like olives, bacon, pickles and soya sauce will also produce the same effect.

Cross your legs while sitting

Put very simply, if one is suffering from high blood pressure, they should avoid sitting with their legs crossed for prolonged periods of time as this is known to further hike the BP. That being said, it makes for a nice natural hack for those suffering from chronic low blood pressure.


Training yourself to sit with your legs crossed has the possibility of stabilising your blood pressure overtime.

Give compression stockings a try

Compression stockings is not the most ideal hack when it comes to incorporating it on the daily, especially during summers. However, once you get used to the grip, help reduce the amount of blood that gets caught in the lower legs and feet, shifting it elsewhere. Compression stockings are also a good hack to combat the impact of varicose veins, affirms the Medical News Today report.

Raise your head while sleeping

Sleeping with a raised head is again something that one needs to consciously accustom themselves to.


However, what this does is that it promoted better blood flow, hence helping is stabilising blood pressure over time.


Published May 17th, 2024 at 23:40 IST