Patanjali Ayurved Co-founder Baba Ramdev Outlines 3 Aims For Patanjali And Himself


Patanjali co-founder Baba Ramdev outlined three aims for his enterprise and himself on Wednesday while speaking on a panel with OYO Hotels founder Ritesh Agarwal and Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, during the Republic Summit

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Updated On:

Patanjali co-founder Baba Ramdev and OYO Hotels founder Ritesh Agarwal spoke to Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami during a panel discussion on "Disrupt to Surge' on Wednesday in the inaugural Republic Summit. During the conversation, the two leading entrepreneurs talked to Goswami on what inspired them to form their company, their learnings and how they plan to take their companies global.

During the discussion, Baba Ramdev went on to speak about the three aims he had for his enterprise and himself. Here is what he said:

1. That Patanjali becomes India's biggest FMCG company by 2020 and becomes the world's biggest FMCG company by 2025.

"We have a vision for  2020 - to be India’s biggest FMCG company. And for 2025, we will be the world’s biggest FMCG maker. In India, Patanjali will be bigger than the biggest FMCG maker by 2020.  We have beaten 99% of the companies," he said.

He explained why he believes his company can do so well. "When you say natural products, Ayurveda, people will look at India. As we have over 4 lakh herbs and research on 60,000 of them has been done by us."

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He said that global FMCGs have failed to make a mark in terms of creating natural products. "A global company has created a natural product but has been struggling for years," he said.

He added that Patanjali has already taken a global leap. "After March, we are going to go global. The China government has offered 10,000-acre land and offered money to create our products."

2. To have a global university which is in the world's top 100 ranking list

"In the next 10-15 years, we will have a university in the world’s top 100 universities. It will be a global university and where they will learn all this knowledge," he said.  

"We (Patanjali) have only one slogan - It is 100% profit for charity," he added.

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3. His ambition for himself and the country

Ramdev explained his dream: "As a child, I used to say Bharat Mata ki Jai. But only saying won't translate to action. I want to see farmers, business, media service, everyone strong. I felt what can I do to make India's economy stronger than America by 2050."

He explained how far he wanted to reach out in terms of impacting people through his work as a Yoga guru and a business leader.

"I have only one inspiration in the next 50 years in this country, I want to do something that benefits at least 5 crore people."

He also spoke about the work he had done so far as a Yoga Guru.

He spoke about his initiatives as the head of Patanjali. "I have united 1 crore farmers and will do so for 5 crore more... We will give employment to over 5 lakh people more."

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