National Approval Ratings: In Kerala UPA Projected To Make Big Gains, Even As LDF And NDA Struggle

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Out of 20 crucial seats in Kerala, the INC+UDF alliance for the UPA is projected register massive gains, in the December National Approval Ratings
  • In terms of vote share, the BJP is projected to up its 2014 vote-share by 8.1%

With the Lok Sabha elections 2019 inching closer, Republic TV and CVoter have released the National Approval Ratings to give a complete national picture as to who will win if polls are held on December 24, 2018. Out of the 20 seats up for grabs in Kerala, this is what the projections look like:

Out of the 20 crucial seats in Kerala, the INC+UDF alliance of the UPA is projected to register major gains, while the BJP is projected to not get any seats and the LDF, which is the ruling party in the state, is projected to win 3 seats. 

In terms of vote-share, the BJP is projected to up its 2014 vote share by 8.1% and take its vote-share to 19%, while the Congress alliance is set to see a fall in vote share vis-a-vis 2014 and put up 39.9%. Its biggest challenger, the LDF, is slated to more or less maintain its 2014 vote-share with a projection of 29.1% 

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Comparison with the previous National Approval Ratings: 
Considering the fact that Sabarimala has been a core issue in Kerala, where both BJP and Congress have stood with devotees against the Supreme Court's verdict permitting women aged 10-50 to offer prayers at the temple for the first time in centuries, the saffron party is projected to have been unable to make a mark. However, the UPA is set to gain by 5 seats from its 2014 tally and one seat from the November edition.

That having been said, even though the BJP has not been able to make serious inroads in terms of seat-share, in terms of vote-share, it has gained by 8.1% since 2014 and 1.9% from the November projections.

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