National Approval Ratings: Modi Wave Back In 2019? PM's Popularity In Major Upswing Since Pro-poor Budget - Skyrockets After Pro-India Airstrike

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Satisfaction with the performance of the Prime Minister has shown a major upswing since the pro-poor Budget announced by the central government on February 1, Republic TV-CVoter's National Approval Ratings have shown.

The ratings, which entail daily sample surveys weighted to known census profiles along a globally standardised methodology, have captured the overall satisfaction with the working of Prime Minister Modi, breaking the responses into three categories - 'Very much satisfied', 'Satisfied to some extent', 'not at all satisfied' and 'Don't know/Can't say' from which a 'Nett satisfaction' has been determined.

As per the survey, on Budget day, i.e. February 1, 2019, nett satisfaction with the Prime Minister's working was at 39.1%

Budget day - Feb 1, 2019:

Very much satisfied: 44.2%
Satisfied to some extent: 24.7%
Not at all satisfied: 29.8%
Don't Know/Can't Say:1.3%

Nett Satisfaction: 39.1%

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The satisfaction numbers begin to show a sharp upswing form the very next day, when the respondents likely factored in the measures announced, which included:

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi direct benefit transfer to farmers scheme
The income tax rebate for individual taxpayers
The pension scheme for the unorganised sector
The TDS relief renters and capital gains tax rollover for home-owners

The nett satisfaction on the subsequent day, i.e. Feb 2, was 41.1% - a 1.2% increase.

The trend continues in the upward direction for the next 26 days - the day of India's air strike against Pakistan's terror bases - after which it picks up again at an even higher pace:

Day of India's airstrike - Feb 26, 2019

Very much satisfied: 49.2%
Satisfied to some extent: 26.3%
Not at all satisfied: 23.6%
Don't Know/Can't Say: 0.8%

Nett Satisfaction: 51.9%

On the next day, Feb 27, the nett satisfaction jumps to 53.6% - by 1.7% day-on-day.

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The ensuing days see massive jumps, with the final day of the survey - March 7, 2019 (a day before publishing) - showing the following result:

Very much satisfied: 56%
Satisfied to some extent: 25.1% 
Not at all satisfied: 17.9%
Don't Know/Can't Say: 1%

Nett Satisfaction: 63.2%

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The approval ratings regarding the Prime Minister's satisfaction index assume particular significance given the proximity of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections which are likely to be announced any day now. The 2014 elections were similarly preceded by what was then called the 'Modi wave' which culminated in the largest mandate being received by a single party in 30 years, as the BJP-led NDA stormed to power, with Narendra Modi assuming the office of Prime Minister. 

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