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18-year-old Gujarat Boy Claims To Have Memorised National Anthems Of 91 Countries

Gujarat's Atharva Amit Mule claimed to have memorised national anthems of 91 countries. He was also rewarded for memorizing national anthems of 69 countries.



A teenage boy from Gujarat has claimed to have memorised national anthems of 91 countries. Atharva Amit Mule, an 18-year-old boy hailing from Vadodara, who is learning classical music currently, has said that he can recite all the national anthems by heart.

On March 6, 2021, the boy was also rewarded a certificate by the India Book of Records for being able to recite the national anthems of 69 countries including Qatar, Syria, Thailand, Yemen, New Zealand, and others. And now the Gujarat boy added the national anthems of 22 more countries to his list.

Atharva Amit Mule told ANI, "I have memorised national anthems of 91 countires including that of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom."

Further, when asked about the reason behind learning different national anthems, he told, "Since we believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, I thought I should memorise national anthems of other countries as well."

He told ANI, "My family members practice classical music . My mother, grandparents and mother's brothers are into classical music professionally. I am learning Carnatic music and play the Veena. Out of curosity, I started learning national anthems to know more about the music of different countries. Hence gradually, I learned various countries' national anthems."

The Gujarat boy now desires to earn several laureates for India in the future.

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