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Anand Mahindra Does Away With Plastic, Introduces Steel Bottles

Written By Akriti Tyagi | Mumbai | Published:


  • Mahindra group has decided to replace the use of 'plastic bottles' with refillable metal bottles
  • This comes after a netizen tweeted the suggestion to Anand Mahindra on Twitter

In a bid to reduce plastic usage in the country, the Mahindra group is taking unprecedented measures. Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra group has come up with an initiative to replace the use of 'plastic bottles' with refillable metal bottles. 

Refillable metal bottles

Talking about the product, he Tweeted that the group has come up with the refillable bottles to replace the plastic bottles in the meeting rooms. Not only are they functional, but also, are aesthetic. 


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This move has come barely a couple of months after a Twitter user pointed out to Anand Mahindra that the Mahindra Group should consider using steel bottles instead of plastic bottles in their meeting rooms. 

On 16th July, during the K.C.M.E.T scholarship selections, Anand Mahindra had shared an image of the meeting room on the popular social network. In the image, it can be clearly seen that everyone in the meeting room had plastic bottles. 



On this, a netizen observed and Tweeted a suggestion that the Mahindra group should use steel water bottles instead of plastic ones.  

To this, Anand Mahindra immediately responded and assured that plastic bottles will definitely be out of usage soon. 

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Get rid of single-use Plastic

In light of the growing plastic use in the country, this initiative taken by the Mahindra group is the need of the hour. Apart from being a nuisance to the environment, research also suggests that using plastic is harmful to health.

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The centre has made the reduction of plastic use their primary focus since the past many years. During his independence day speech, PM Modi announced "Can we free India from single-use plastic? The time for implementing such an idea has come. May teams be mobilised to work in this direction. Let a significant step be made on October 2." 

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