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Anand Mahindra shares Apt video To Show how 'we All Feel On a Friday After A Gruelling Week' 

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

Does the end of your workweek trigger overwhelming feelings? If you’re nodding affirmatively, you need to watch this video that business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared on his social media account. The video appropriately describes the way we feel especially after a really gruelling week. Fresh from Mr. Mahindra's 'Whatsapp wonder box', we are sure you will relate to this. 

The video shows a man pulling a daredevil stunt in a specifically designed bike-ramp. The man could be seen taking a run-up before he takes-off-- whoosh-- he is mid-air. The man clutches the handle maintaining a stable position even as his bike turns 360°. He then lifts his upper body, as the bike comes back to the original position, and like-a-boss makes a perfect landing.   

'This is either trick photography or this man is insane. Either way, it's clear that he is expressing how he feels-and all of us feel-on a Friday after a really gruelling week!', wrote Mr. Mahindra as he shared the video on his Twitter. Take a look:

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This is not the first when the business tycoon has posted something eye-catching. Earlier, Chairman of Mahindra Group shared a gut-busting hoarding which he said was clear evidence that 'finally the Indian conquest of the English language is complete!'. 

Taking to Twitter, Anand Mahindra shared an image of an advertisement for English 'speekna' lessons with the caption that undoubtedly was hilarious. Take a look: 

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