Ayodhya's District Magistrate Calls For Restraint In Celebrations

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The District Magistrate of Ayodhya, Anuj Jha has asked people to observe restraint in their celebrations on the verdict to avoid harming religious sentiments

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:
Ayodhya verdict

The District Magistrate of Ayodhya, Anuj K Jha took to Twitter to congratulate everyone on Ayodhya title dispute case verdict but at the same time he also asked everyone to “observe restraints”. This comes as the Supreme Court has delivered a unanimous decision of the long-standing Ayodhya land title dispute case. The District Magistrate asked the people to 'observe restraints' in celebrations keeping in mind the sentiments of all the religions. He asked the people to refrain from making any celebratory comments that could incite disharmony or insult anyone or any group. 

Anuj K Jha on Ayodhya Verdict 

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Before the verdict in the case was pronounced by the Supreme Court the District Magistrate took to Twitter to inform everyone that they needed to showcase their 'tehzeeb' (etiquette) to the world. He conveyed this message to the people of Ayodhya as this region along with other places like Lucknow and Varanasi are famous for their special “GangaJamuni” etiquettes and mannerisms. In his earlier tweet, he informed everyone that the situation in Ayodhya was normal and the residents of the region can accept whatever the verdict of the apex court will be. 

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Ayodhya Verdict 

Pronouncing the landmark judgment in the Ayodhya dispute case, the Supreme Court on Saturday, delivered a unanimous judgment in the title suit of the disputed area awarding it to the Hindu parties for the construction of a temple. It also directed the Centre to come up with a scheme within three months to set up a trust which will hand over the outer courtyard and inner courtyard of the site for construction of a temple. Apart from this, the SC stated that an alternate land of 5 acres is to be allotted to Muslims for the liberty of constructing a mosque, either by the central govt or the State govt, in a suitable and prominent place in Ayodhya. CJI Ranjan Gogoi, while delivering the unanimous judgment, dismissed the claims of the Sunni Central Waqf Board and the Nirmohi Akhara. He also termed that the three-way division of the disputed land by the Allahabad HC in its 2010 verdict is wrong. 

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