Bhupesh Baghel: 'Some People Remember Mahatma Gandhi Just To Show Off'

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Chhattisgarh CM, Bhupesh Baghel made an accusation that some people remember Mahatma Gandhi just to 'show off' and that they don't condemn Nathuram Godse

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Bhupesh Baghel

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Bhupesh Baghel made an accusation saying that some people remember Mahatma Gandhi just to “show off”. He further added that people usually forget to condemn his assassin Nathuram Godse, who was in opposition to Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals and principles. Accusing Godse of trying to kill the Father of the Nation, he said that Nathuram tried to kill Mahatma while the talks to create Pakistan began taking shape. CM Baghel, spoke about this at the two-day special Assembly session, on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in Chhattisgarh.   

‘Battle between two ideologies’ 

CM Baghel explaining his points said, "There has been (a battle between) two ideologies. One ideology was represented by Mahatma Gandhi and his followers, while the other one was that which never wanted India to become an independent nation. They wanted to keep the country under slavery, the Congress leader said. Today when we remember Mahatma Gandhiji, it also reminds us of Nathuram Godse who killed him. The other ideology was represented by Godse. People use to say Godse had assassinated Mahatma Gandhiji for the partition of India, but history tells that it was not his (Godse's) first attempt to kill him rather it was his last attempt. Godse had earlier tried to kill Mahatma Gandhi even before there were no talks on carving out Pakistan”. 

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‘Gandhi’s Hailing should follow Godse’s condemnation’ 

Bhupesh Baghel added, “Godse represented those forces which never wanted freedom for the country. Today when slogans are being raised hailing Gandhi Ji then at the same time Godse should be strongly condemned by one and all. If one really wanted to accept Gandhiji then it should be with a pure heart. Accepting Gandhi Ji means accepting his ideals, path of non-violence and truth. Some people are uttering the name of Gandhiji just to show off but they don't have the courage to condemn Godse. They should show some courage and say Godse murdabad” 

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‘Gandhi’s principles are inclusive'

"Some people talk about nationalism...there is a huge noise of nationalism under which the nation is being suppressed and the Constitution is being made meaningless. What kind of nationalism is this? Gandhiji had favoured a nationalism that had its roots in the soil of Indian society. Mahatma Gandhi's nationalism was to take everyone together, to uplift women, for the education of women, serving the downtrodden and the poor. Mahatma Gandhi Ji's dream was to establish gram swaraj ("village self-governance") and following his path, the Chhattisgarh government has started taking steps to make farmers debt-free and boost the rural economy,” said Baghel. 

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