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Bihar: Hindi And Urdu Teachers Teach On Same Blackboard In School; Netizens Not Pleased

In a Bihar school, teachers were seen teaching the students simultaneously in the same classroom and on the same blackboard. The incident sparked a controversy.


Image: Twitter/ @ANI

Schools are the place where students receive a wealth of learning, from education in various subjects to discipline, good conduct, and more. While the usual norm is one teacher teaching students one subject in one class, a now-viral video in a Bihar school shows something opposite of it. It displays both Hindi and Urdu being taught to a bunch of students on either side of the same blackboard in school. The arrangement led to students being very distracted as very few of them were listening to the teachers. 

The video opens up to show two teachers teaching students simultaneously in the same classroom on the same blackboard in a school in Katihar. One was teaching Hindi, and the other educator was teaching students Urdu. The video surfaced on Twitter and "Urdu Primary School was shifted to our school by Education Dept in 2017. Teachers teach both Hindi &Urdu in one classroom: Kumari Priyanka, Asst teacher of Adarsh ​​Middle School", read the caption. 

When Kumari Priyanka, a teacher at Adarsh Middle School was asked about the reason behind this strange way of teaching, she told ANI, "The Urdu Primary School was shifted to their institute by the school education department. Our school does not have enough classrooms, which is why we teach students in a single room". Moreover, when Kameshwar Gupta, district education officer was asked the same question, he said, "If the enrollment of students in the Adarsh Middle School is less, then one room will be given to Urdu Primary School. It is not good if children of different classes are being taught on the same blackboard in the same room".

'Improper infrastructure', Netizens react 

The video has garnered 47.8K views, accompanied by likes and retweets. The video prompted many viewers to put out their views while many were not pleased with the way of teaching. "This is the situation of Indian education system.We are not giving so much to our and we will pay for this in coming years because unemployment and illegal works will be increasing day by day which is disrespectful for this nation (sic)", a user wrote. The second user wrote, "End result...Confused students...". The third user replied, "That improper infrastructure in bihar (sic)".

Image: Twitter/@ANI

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