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BSF Recovers Narcotics Consignment Dropped By Pakistani Drone Near Amritsar Border

BSF has recovered a consignment of narcotics dropped by a Pakistani drone near Amritsar border village. The suspected package weighed nearly 1.590 kg.

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Amrit Burman

Image: PTI

Border Security Forces have recovered a consignment of narcotics dropped by a Pakistani drone near the Amritsar border.

According to details accessed by Republic TV, the incident happened on Sunday night around 10:00 pm, BSF troops, which were stationed in dense reigon on the outskirts of Amritsar's village, heard a loud sound of something soild dropping on the ground in the nearby farming field.

Soon, the security officials at the border cordoned off the area, and all the concerned agencies were informed and alerted about the incident.

BSF recovers narcotics consignment dropped by Pakistani drone near Amritsar border

(Image credit: Republic)

During the search operation, the BSF troops recovered a bag from the farming field, which consisted of four packets of suspected heroin weighing approximately 1.590 kg.  Also, an iron ring and a small torch were found attached to the bag.
Further investigation into the matter is underway, and so far there has been no official statement from authorities.

The incident indicates that smugglers from Pakistan were trying to smuggle contraband using drones; however, their attempt was foiled by the Border Security Forces.

BSF recovers 8kg heroin dropped by Pakistani drone

Earlier, in a similar incident, the Border Security Force (BSF) recovered 8kg of heroin dropped by a drone that entered into Indian territory from Pakistan on the outskirts of Kakkar village in Amritsar district. The incident happened last month.

Security forces seized heroin after conducting a wide-scale search operation on the basis of suspicion of a drone intrusion from across the border.


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