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Chandrayaan-2: ISRO Announces New Launch Date For India's Moon Mission. Details Here

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • ISRO rescheduled Chandrayaan 2 launch on July 22, 02:43 PM
  • The launch was called off by ISRO on July 15 due to technical sang
  • Chandrayaan 2 will aim to make a soft landing on the Moon

In what was a much awaited date, ISRO on Thursday announced that Chandrayaan 2 is scheduled for  launching on July 22 at 02:43 PM. Taking to Twitter, ISRO said that the launch that was called off due to technical snag  is now rescheduled. On July 15, ISRO said that there was a technical snag observed in launch vehicle system at T-56 and 24 seconds, after which first the countdown was stopped and then the launching of India's moon mission was delayed. It announced that the launch of Chandrayaan 2 has been postponed for the day as a measure of abundant precaution.

 ISRO is undertaking an ambitious moon mission and said that the Moon is the closest cosmic body at which space discovery can be attempted and documented. Dubbed as the most challenging mission undetaken by the ISRO, Chandrayaan 2 is a continuation of India's space exploration programmes. In the past, with Chandrayaan -1 and Mangalyaan, India has boosted it confidence and with Chandrayaan-2, it takes a lead to explore the unexplored. The main aim of the Chandrayaan 2 is to attempt to make a soft land on the Moon's surface, the aim is to make lander -Vikram and rover- Pragyan in a high plain between two craters, Manzinus C and Simpelius N, at a latitude of about 70° south.

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Here are the four points that the ISRO quotes that make Chandrayaan-2 special:

  • 1st space mission to conduct a soft landing on the Moon's south polar region
  • 1st Indian expedition to attempt a soft landing on the lunar surface with home-grown technology
  • 1st Indian mission to explore the lunar terrain with home-grown technology
  • 4th country ever to soft land on the lunar surface

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